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Brighter Force is an exciting project designed for and run by the participants of Brighter Access.

Based around providing opportunities for community participations, skill building and teamwork. Brighter Force contributes to the community and the environment in a meaningful and positive way.

Starting with humble beginnings, Brighter Force partnered with Inverell's Community Garden to pick up and deliver food scraps and used coffee grounds from local cafes and business' delivering and depositing them to the Community Garden's compost and worm farms.

From here, Brighter Force has expanded into different areas of community contribution such as dog walking.

If you are interested in becoming a business that wants to contribute to our community, or have a task that Brighter Force can assist you with, contact us on (02) 6722 5548 or email us

where do the funds go?

Funds raised through the Brighter Force program, go towards improving the day to day lives of the participants involved. 

On average, people with a disability receive a pension equal to approximately 40% of the average weekly wage. From this, they need to pay living expenses, food, transport costs and incidentals.
Unfortunately this often leaves little for their day to day life activities that allow them to have a good life.

Funds provide our participants with extra group activities, supplies for projects and excursions, as well as feeding back into the program to allow it to expand, create more opportunities and social inclusion for all.

All donations over $2 are receptacle and tax deductible.

Brighter force means.... 
Being included, accepted, contributing to the community, socialising, gaining valuable life skills, responsibility and feeling valued

Food Scrap & coffee ground pickup

Brighter Force holds 2 scrap runs a week - Monday and Thursay

During these runs we will collect your provided buckets full of food scraps and used coffee grounds.

They will be replaced with sterilised buckets ready to be filled again!

The scraps are then delivered to Inverell Community Garden to be used in their composting and worm farm.

Donation $1 per bucket

dog walking

Participants of Brighter Force LOVE pets, but many of them live in situations that don't allow them to have one of their own.
From this sparked an interest in dog walking!

A Brighter Force member and support staff will come to your house and collect your dog, walk them and return them, ensuring they have adequate water and are secure before leaving.

Donation $1 per dog per day

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